Tips To Stay Stylish

Stylish the word on tongue in current era was mostly used by women initially, but now men, women, teenagers and even the kids frequently speak of being stylish. Rich or poor, young or old all want to be stylish. We need to follow certain steps to enter into this stylish world and be a part of it.

1) Keep your body in good shape

First and most important step to be stylish is to keep our body in good shape. We need to exercise at regular basis. We can start by a simple morning walk. Or we can start a gym in the evening . Along with exercise we need to eat a balanced diet so body remains in shape. Avoid taking fizzy drinks, too much sweet products or bakery items. Drinking water can be beneficial in this aspect.

2) Good dressing

Dressing is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when we think of being stylish and modern. There are a few things to be kept in mind when we consider what to dress. First we need to take into account the weather that is we should wear according to the season. Next to be taken into consideration is the occasion. We should always dress according to the occasion. For instance for office we would prefer formal clothes whereas weddings require glittery dresses. Dress colour also has significance. Bright colours are worn at night. Dull colours worn in morning. Fashion goes hand in hand with style. Current fashion is to be worn to enter into stylish era.

3) Shoes

Most people wear stylish clothes but forget about shoes. However shoes are very important. Researchers say shoes reflect a person’s personality. Shoes need to be worn according to the season. You will be considered a fool if you wear long shoes in summers. So shoes should be given attention .

4) Hair

Hair trends alter with time and season.Short hair are adopted during hot summers whereas long are liked in winters. Hair trends also change with time. Sometimes straight, sometimes curl, sometimes ponytails come in fashion.

5) Accessories

Accessories walk side by side with clothes and shoes. Which earring to wear,which bracelet or a necklace. Or in the case of men which wrist watch, hat or not. Women do want good bags in their collection. Clutches, handbags or pouches are things women consider.

6) Self-grooming

If you adopt all of the above steps but are not well groomed they will be useless. So only money can’t buy you style you need to groom yourself. It includes bathing , brushing teeth, comes hair, trimmed nails etc. Good perfume is also required to be pleasant.


So to be stylish, you need to follow the above-mentioned rules. Moreover, style doesn’t require a lot of investment rather we need to be aware of the current world which things are in fashion. Also, we can sell things, not in fashion and exchange them to buy up to date products. So we need to be intelligent to enter into the stylish world.